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At J-Mo's Sweets & More, it's not just about selling popcorn and candy. It’s about making this deliciously enticing product work for you so you can pursue the true goals of and activities of your group or cause.

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Maximize Your In-Person Promo with a Personalized Flyer

Elevate your fundraising efforts with Crave J-Mo's innovative printable flyer, a versatile tool designed to amplify your campaign both online and offline.

This flyer, featuring your logo and a unique QR code, showcases our delicious products and prices. When distributed at events or in your community, it directs supporters to your specific fundraising page via the QR code, ensuring every purchase contributes to your campaign.

This method combines the convenience of online shopping with the tangible impact of a physical flyer, broadening your reach and simplifying commission tracking. It’s an effective, straightforward way to increase your fundraising revenue while sharing the joy of our gourmet treats.

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